Christina Green


I've crafted copy for a variety of industries and formats.

See below for a few samples of my work.

Email Series

This client was looking for a series of 5-emails to send to potential customers who had submitted a web form requesting a project estimate. This series would keep customers engaged so they would be less likely to look elsewhere while waiting for the company to set up an estimate and complete the project. After the series, they would be folded into the main email list.

Website Content

This client had been working in her industry for over a decade, but she was looking to create more of an online presence to increase her client base. Her services are highly personal, so the goal of the website was to help potential clients feel comfortable contacting her during a particularly sensitive season in their lives.

Product Description

These product descriptions are examples of what was written in a major website overhaul. This business was looking to increase sales by make sure each category and product description clearly conveyed the uses and benefits of their products while also promoting their Lean program services.

Facebook Post

This client was trying to increase traffic to her blog. The blog is free content that hopefully inspires business leaders to hire her as a consultant for digital strategy. The purpose of this post was to inspire curiosity and lead the audience to listen to the podcast.

Postcard (SPEC)

This is a sample direct mail piece for a real business in my hometown. The goal of this postcard is to give a neighborhood vibe to a small-town client base so they will feel more comfortable trying out a new business.


This brochure was designed for a Christian speaker/performer. The goal is to persuade church leaders to check out this ministry online and ultimately to contact them to schedule an event.

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“Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you.” 

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